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Conscious Leadership Coaching Model

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  • A Tale of Two Taxis - conscious and unconscious business gcfcl.com/tale-two-taxis/ 2 days ago
  • Carolyn McCall, CEO of Easyjet, enjoy your 2p profits made off my £2.50 cup of water. #SoUngenerous 1 week ago
  • Epitome of an unconscious business: Easyjet (Sleazyjet) charging me £2.50 for a cup of hot water onboard! 1 week ago
  • "You don't get very many chances in your lifetime to help shape the future of a major city." Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO on Downtown LV Project 1 week ago
  • All business must now be an agent for the planet. It's time. 1 week ago

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