The Conscious Leadership Consultancy is a central point to come to for finding out, acquiring and developing all things relating to the gathering wave that is consciousness + leadership + business.  There is quite a lot out there on the web: lots about conscious capitalism, quite a bit on conscious business, some (often pink and fluffy and overly-spiritual) stuff on conscious leadership – but nowhere is it brought together under one roof where the visitor can see what conscious capitalism, conscious business and conscious leadership is about, and how to develop it for themselves and their business.

My hope in these pages it that you can be informed about the merging of consciousness, business and leadership, read new links and interesting blogs, be inspired and get thoughts about what to do about your own business (and yourself) and, especially, find a way to develop yourself as a conscious leader and your business as a conscious business.  In this way, I offer avenues for developing conscious leadership, conscious teams and conscious businesses.

A bit about me: I am the Director of Sphere Consulting Services, which is a company based in London, UK, specialising in developing people, teams and organisations.  I focus especially on the skills to build excellent relationships inside the organisation and externally, with clients, so that teams work well and clients prefer dealing with you over your competitors.  In the last couple of years, I have stumbled across consciousness coaching and have the learned the tools to develop consciousness in myself and in others.  This has been the most fascinating journey of my life, one which feels authentic and true to purpose, and I have now branched off into developing consciousness in leaders, businesses and capitalism in general.  There is quite a lot written on the what; I focus on the how.

It is said that business is the most influential and powerful institution in society today.  My vision is to shift global business leaders towards being more conscious, so that they in turn can shift the thousands of people in their organisations to do the same, and that by using the powerful force of business we can accelerate our pace towards reaching the tipping point of evolving humanity’s consciousness to the next level.

We know it’s sorely needed in today’s world.

Best wishes


You can read more about me here. Gina Hayden Sphere profile 2011.2

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