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Leadership in the New World: The Rise of the Post-Heroic, Conscious Leader

What kind of leader is most suited to leading in our world where change may, in fact, never be this slow again?  It is sometimes terrifying to think about where we are hurtling off to, yet there will need to be a breed of leader who leans gleefully into this accelerating world like an optimist … Continue reading

A conscious leader’s role is to break down walls and tear down fences

Last night I arrived in Basel airport.  I got to the taxi rank outside, only to be told by the very polite taxi driver that I had exited on the French side.  I needed to go back inside the airport (20 yards), walk down the corridor for a few yards, and exit at the other … Continue reading

How Do We Take Conscious Capitalism into Emerging Markets?

With the release of John Mackey and Raj Sisodia’s new book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, we have the best template to date designed for doing business differently and in a more evolved way.  I’m a fan of the book, and of conscious business and developing more conscious leaders. However, I’m currently … Continue reading

Conscious Leadership Connection

Check out Mark Lefko’s new Conscious Leadership Connection website – an incredibly good focus for conscious leadership across the world.

London Draws Conscious Capitalism To Itself

Intuition has been nudging me for a while now, telling me that Sept, Oct, Nov are going to be months when we see a surge in the establishment of conscious capitalism, conscious business and conscious leadership in the UK.  And so it has been. On Tuesday this week the Conscious Capitalism Institute held a lunch … Continue reading

The Coordinates of A Conscious Leader

In exploring what a Conscious Leader leading in a Conscious Business pursuing Conscious Capitalism actually means, the views are ever-evolving and building on one another to form a clearer picture that will light the way for leaders drawn to pursuing this path. This paper describes a perspective on where a Conscious Leader lies in comparison … Continue reading

Cash Mobs put some Power behind Conscious Capitalism

I love this idea.  Consumers becoming more and more aware of their choices, voting with their values and using social media = ‘cash mobs’, the latest equivalent of ‘flash mobs’, who self-organise via Facebook and Twitter to frequent local stores on a given day and choose to spend their money there.  Collectively, they have great … Continue reading

Beyond CoachingTM – A Way to Create Conscious Leaders out of Whole Teams

I’ve just returned from being an observing attendee of Beyond CoachingTM, a programme designed to create conscious leaders in the workplace – and to create whole teams of them. The client was a private healthcare group and they suffered from the usual discontent of organisations in general, and healthcare companies in particular – trying to … Continue reading

Originally posted on Conscious-Business.org.uk:
Today one of my sons told me he had been trying out the text-to-speech option on the Kindle. He thought it funny it couldn’t speak properly – all it does is read the words with no intonation or sense of meaning. This led to a discussion of the difference…

The Conscious Leader

The Conscious Leader is a hub for flow.  This requires being able to recognise and transcend the ego or identity and all its mannerisms that stops the flow.  Taking up a position and being right about it stops the flow.  Trying to look good and being driven to look better than others stops the flow.  … Continue reading

Conscious Leadership Coaching Model

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