Conscious Leadership Coaching


Conscious Leadership Coaching


‘Becoming a conscious leader is as easy as changing your mind.’ 


However, changing your mind is easily said and much more difficult to do, especially when you are inside the mind that needs changing.


Conscious Leadership Coaching is the specialised one-to-one and systemic executive coaching solution that will expand your horizons and take you from being a great leader to being a conscious leader.

At the doing level, we work with you to evaluate how your leadership style and actions meets the requirements of running a conscious business.  That’s the simple stuff.

At the more exciting and important being level, we enable you to step directly outside of the habits of your human conditioning – those thinking and behaviour patterns that keep you boxed in to your way of seeing the world.  You experience freedom to step outside into the realm of possibility – into the space of that which you do not yet know that you do not know.  In this space, you become the creator of outcomes you choose, not the reactor to your circumstances.  You learn the tools to operate consciousness directly.  With these tools, you become a dealer in reality and influence the outcomes for yourself and your company so that flow can happen.  Results for you and your company start happening more easily and with less effort as a result of your actions.  You create a culture for your company where others become more conscious and are inspired to take responsibility for what they create.  The result?  A company performing at its peak, contributing to the world and enjoying greater success.

Conscious Leadership Coaching is founded on the solid ICF-accredited consciousness coaching methodology, and is designed specifically to create conscious leaders who can run conscious businesses.

There is nothing else like it in the world.

Conscious Leadership Coaching moves you and your organisation into a more conscious, sustainable, contributing – and ultimately profitable – way of operating.  It combines a number of powerful leverage points:

  • Working with the individual leader to raise his or her consciousness.
  • Involving the key stakeholders in the widest possible sense – the employees, customers, investors, suppliers, partners, the community and society at large, and the environment.
  • Enabling flow, connectivity and synergy between everyone in the system through egoless communication.

After qualifying that the client is the right leader to undertake conscious leadership coaching (Is the leader desiring to develop into a conscious leader; wanting to develop their business into a conscious business; and do what it takes to get there?), coaching can begin.  This combines setting an inspiring and powerful context and determining the key measurable behaviours and stakeholders required to assess change.  Some aspects of the approach borrow loosely from Marshall Goldsmith’s feedforward methodology whereby the leader and key stakeholders are involved in offering suggestions and ideas for change, with one key difference: ‘stakeholders’ in this regard means all business stakeholders in the wider system, taken from the principles of conscious business.  While the leader undergoes individual conscious leadership sessions to shift his or her way of being, and learns about the principles of conscious leadership and conscious business, he or she is also engaged in the feedforward process, linking all parts of the system together and creating flow, connectivity and synergy.

The result is a greater interconnected whole.

The leader becomes a hub for flow.

Measurement points and stakeholder engagement continue throughout the coaching until the leader ascertains that he or she has reached the desired end result, and the coaching cycle ends or begins another iteration to evolve the conscious leader to the next level.

Download full description .pdf


If you are serious about developing your conscious leadership doing and being, then Conscious Leadership Coaching is your solution.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.



Want to find out what your current level of consciousness is? Take the free Consciousness Quotient online test, courtesy of the CQ Institute.







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