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In the World of Conscious Capitalism, Let’s Not Forget the Upcoming Youth

I suspect that, alongside others interested in Conscious Capitalism, I’ve been so busy watching the activities of Occupy Wall Street with its uprising of young liberals against the hardened moguls of Wall Street, that I’ve completely forgotten about our new generation of conscious leaders coming through.  And then, hallelujah! – through my Google alerts arrives … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street is Not the Way to Conscious Capitalism

It was only a matter of time before the young revolutionaries converged in their Occupy Wall Street uprising in reaction to Casino Capitalism and in the name of Conscious Capitalism.  It’s an understandable reaction to the system that has disappointed and failed us all except those few who have benefited from it. But let’s not … Continue reading

Ed Miliband and the Conscious Capitalists

Ed Miliband, Conscious Capitalist? I, for one, am applauding Ed Miliband, leader of Labour in the United Kingdom.  While I may not agree with Ed’s approach, he did deliver a glittering riposte to what’s going on in business and banking in the UK – two indicators of the economic and business disasters that are rife … Continue reading

Conscious Leadership Behaviours

Here is a depiction of the conscious leadership and conscious business behaviours distilled from the work of Raj Sisodia and Patricia Aburdene.                      

In Conscious Business, Giving is the New Receiving

In conscious business, giving is the new receiving.  At face value it appears to make no sense at all to spend more money on your employees and your suppliers, and less on your advertising, your marketing and your own pay packet as an executive.  Nevertheless, the results show that companies that practise generosity of pocket … Continue reading

Conscious Capitalism Flags the Next Natural Step in Our Evolution

Life is evolution and when we look at the universal principles of how life evolves, conscious capitalism becomes recognizable as the natural next step in our evolution.  Richard Barrett, of the Values Centre, writes an easily understandable account of how evolution works and the stages to be found in evolution universally.  When this is linked … Continue reading

The Genesis of a Conscious Business in the Making

Today we met with a conscious leader (aware, mindful, consciousness-oriented) who wants to evolve his company into being a conscious business. How exciting to be involved at the genesis of such an idea!  Usually we’re trying to define what we mean by a conscious company, or looking to find ones that exist (why are the … Continue reading

Why We Need Conscious Leaders

We need to change towards a more conscious way of doing business because we can’t afford to keep repeating the same mistakes of the past, blindly feeling our way forwards in the dark. Leaders have a paramount role to play in the game of new business. However, new business needs conscious leaders – those who … Continue reading

Catching the Wave of Conscious Leadership

This a really exciting field to be in right now.  Consciousness is everywhere, sparking off itself through people having conversations about consciousness, finding ways to develop their consciousness, the media getting hold of consciousness…  It was only a matter of time before consciousness entered the business world – and about time too.  After the last … Continue reading

Conscious Leadership Coaching Model

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